General Counsel

General Counsel Services For Small to medium businesses

The business and corporate attorneys at DiLeonardo Law provide superior, personal and effective General Counsel services to small to medium sized businesses throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Having the legal pedigree, deep knowledge of the law and regulations, negotiating skills and specializations is given to all of our valued clients.  Our firm provides this service to cover all of your business’ legal needs for those companies who may be too small to hire in-house counsel as a cost saving method. We offer a range of General Counsel Packages to suit your legal and economic needs.  The range in services depends upon the type of package and each package provides legal counsel at a significantly reduced rates from the traditional hourly rates. 

General Counsel Services FAQs

With this service, you have access to skilled business and corporate lawyers to address all sorts of legal and business needs.  Examples of what is included are: 

  • Consultation on any liability or potential litigation matter 
  • Review of any subpoenas, summonses, Complaints or claims served upon you, etc. and advising you on the same 
  • Consultation on employment issues 
  • Consultation on purchase or sale of business assets, or real estate, negotiating and reviewing the same 
  • Responding to claim letter from opposing counsel or businesses 
  • Review of contracts with your business partners 
  • Routine corporate filings and advice on corporate governance matters 


DiLeonardo Law General Counsel attorneys can provide immediate and invaluable assistance to any business. As an experienced law firm that represents New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we can provide prompt and effective legal counsel for your business. 

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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