Supermarket Accidents

About Supermarket Accidents

Shopping for groceries is not supposed to be a dangerous event. When we go to our local supermarket, we should be comforted that we are safe from hazards, and if there is a danger, the store staff will quickly address the issue. The reality is, we are vulnerable when others act negligently. A supermarket’s staff is obligated to regularly monitor supermarkets for issues that can hurt patrons. If a person suffers serious injury and it was proven that the staff or owner knew or should have reasonably known about the issue, but did nothing to address it, the victim could be entitled to compensation. Our firm will assess your case, guide you through your legal options and zealously represent you in court. If you believe that your serious injury was avoidable and that a supermarket’s staff is to blame, contact DiLeonardo Law for a free consultation. 


Accidents are bound to happen almost anywhere to anyone. When those accidents could have been avoided with the attention or care of a business or individual, it could constitute a personal injury case. DiLeonardo Law is ready to protect your rights and interests when you are seriously injured. Some of the many reasons a person can be injured in a supermarket include, but are not limited to: 

  • Loose produce 
  • Unstable displays 
  • Falling products 
  • Items left in the aisles 
  • Spilled substances on the floor 
  • Unsanitary conditions 
  • Parking lot accidents 
  • Inadequate lighting 
  • Inadequate security 


If you are injured in a supermarket, you will have to prove negligence. As is the case for many personal injury cases, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff, meaning that you will need to provide evidence that the staff or owner of the supermarket knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused your injury and did nothing to fix it. Not all accidents are caused by negligence and part of a case will be others trying to prove contributory negligence, meaning that you had some degree of fault in your injury. If you can prove your case, you could be entitled to compensation. If the defendant can prove that you were over 50% at fault and your carelessness had more to do with your accident than theirs, you could be barred from your entitlement. It is important to collect evidence if you can. Always seek medical attention. If you cannot act for yourself due to the seriousness of your injury, contact DiLeonardo Law to conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf. 


If your attorney is successful in the suit, you could win damages for your injury, including economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages are to answer for the financial impact of the accident, including the loss of wages, medical bills, and the impact to future wages, just to name a few. Noneconomic damages are to answer for the emotional impact of the accident, including pain and suffering.

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